best tution for primary in singapore

Educational platforms play an important role in shaping the contemporary academic landscape. MetaMore, the premier MOE School in Singapore guarantees to lay a strong foundation for the MOE School curriculum and build a rigid academic enrichment for the students.

MetaMore is an ideal place for kids to master the language and acquire a hundred per cent proficiency in English. Mastering English can help students unlock vast possibilities and enable them to connect globally. MetaMore facilitates this by providing adequate academic support tailor-made for students of different ages.

MetaMore guides students aged 4 to 16 in different areas of the language, with respect to language and academics. MetaMore provides phonics, MOE, and International school English classes with expert guidance and exposure.

MetaMore; the premier MOE School in Singapore.

MetaMore is a premier MOE School in Singapore that provides six levels of courses for primary and secondary courses.

  • Primary 3 & 4: Foundationally Strong:
    MetaMore, the premier MOE School in Singapore focuses on building a strong foundation for Primary 3 and 4 students through strengthening areas like grammar, vocabulary, reading comprehension and compositions. Their approach emphasizes understanding and applying grammar topics, learning new vocabulary in context, and improving reading comprehension meeting the MOE standards. MetaMore provides tools and techniques to guide students in writing areas and develop fluent speaking skills through in-depth study in listening comprehension and oral testing.
  • Primary 5: Aiming PSLE:
    In Primary 5, MetaMore’s premier MOE School in Singapore prepares learners for PSLE by helping them improve their language skills by focusing on Grammar, Vocabulary, Reading and Visual Comprehension, Composition Writing, Situational Writing, Listening Comprehension and Oral Exam Practice.
  • Primary 6: Acing PSLE:

    The premier MOE School in Singapore of MetaMore also helps students ace in PSLE exam with full-fledged preparations. This course aims to prepare students to face the exam from an exam point of view.   This course includes Paper 1 and Paper 2 with topics relevant to the exam.  Apart from the above-mentioned course in primary schools, MetaMore also guides for MOE secondary schools.  

  • Secondary 1 & 2: Giant Leap:
    MetaMore’s premier MOE School in Singapore helps students prepare for secondary school. This course covers  Reading/Comprehension & Summary Writing, Composition & Situational Writing, Visual Comprehension & Analyses, and Literature.
  • Secondary 3: Targeting O-Level:
    This course focuses on preparing students for the National O-level Examination. In this MetaMore adopts a holistic approach focusing on both the papers.
  • Secondary 4: Championing O-Level:

    MetaMore’s premier MOE School in Singapore gives adequate importance to reading, writing, vocabulary, and question-solving. Meeting the MOE standard, MetaMore offers comprehensive preparation to face the National O-level Examination. 

The premier MOE School in Singapore MetaMore offers perfect guidance for students in academics. They provide tailor-made courses to fit the different levels of students by adopting a holistic approach to help them master the language both in real life and in academics.