best english tution in singapore

Mastering English is a necessity in the contemporary system. English connects the world and facilitates effortless communication as it takes the place of a global language. Therefore, English proficiency is a mandatory skill for young minds, which will benefit them in the long run.

Learning English or being proficient enough to communicate effectively in English is not an impossible task. But it is quite challenging, especially for the kids who have a different mother tongue. But MetaMore, the efficient English language academy in Singapore makes it easy.

MetaMore is an English language academy in Singapore which stands by its name; adding more to your metamorphosis. They enrich and empower children by taking them to the world of English.

MetaMore provides language education to children aged 4 to 16. Along with being the best English language academy in Singapore, MetaMore also offers MoE English classes for primary and secondary schools and IGCSE, and IBMYP exams. 

Mastering English with MetaMore

Every language has four essential skills that complete the process of language learning; Reading, writing, listening, and speaking. The same is true with English too. MetaMore, the English language academy in Singapore focuses on enriching all these skills in English, along with providing in-depth knowledge about the language.

English language learning in the best English language academy in Singapore, MetaMore focuses on the following aspects of the language,

  • Reading and Comprehension:
    Nurturing the reading skills of the students is an essential aspect of language learning. It improves vocabulary, helps improve writing skills, also helps to develop critical thinking and opinions on different subjects. MetaMore gives students opportunities to read linguistically rich texts of different genres like prose and poetry. They also give questions from the texts so that students can enhance their comprehension level.
  • Vocabulary:
    Expanding the vocabulary helps students have a good command of the language. The English Language Academy in Singapore, MetaMore consistently introduces new words and their different forms to students and encourages them to use them in different academic and real-life scenarios.
  • Fluency:
    Fluency is an integral part of language efficiency as it facilitates in effective communication. MetaMore gives space for the students to interact extensively, as it will build confidence in them and help them correct their pronunciation. MetaMore also gives them activities that require interactions, like, debate, brainstorming, discussion, etc.
  • Grammar:
    Grammar is a language’s foundation stone. Therefore it is necessary to have a good knowledge of grammar to master the language. The English Language Academy in Singapore, MetaMore provides the best classes and exercises on grammar topics for the students to have a good understanding of it.
  • Writing Skills:
    Language learning will only be effective if students get to express themselves in the language. Writing skills are therefore a necessary skill to be good at. MetaMore’s classes will make students compose articles, letters, emails, etc to make them well-versed in writing.

MetaMore, the English Language Academy in Singapore is an ideal companion for students who look forward to mastering English effortlessly. Their well-built curriculums are equipped to make students proficient in the language. The tutors who have expertise in the language and the exposure MetaMore offers through their classes can make second language acquisition easy.

Another aspect that makes MetaMore the best English Language Academy in Singapore is that they only accommodate up to four students in a classroom. This will help tutors to give personalised attention to each student, thereby helping them improve their language proficiency.

MetaMore delivers the excellence of English language education through its courses. This English Language Academy in Singapore acts as a platform that can help students master the language effectively.