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English is a language of global significance. Being proficient in English gives one an advantage over others, and helps in reaching out far and wide. 

There are various components to language learning: grammar, lexis, phonetics, creative and technical writing, verbal fluency as well as the language’s rich literary heritage. 

For a student of the subject, learning it all can be an overwhelming experience. 

Yet, it’s imperative that the language is learned and appreciated in its totality.

MetaMore is a one-stop destination for all your English language needs. From grammar, phonetics, comprehension, creative writing and all aspects of English. 

We are very focused ONLY on English language and hence are able to provide our students with the best grasp of the language across written and spoken skills which not just helps them secure better marks but more importantly builds a strong foundation to succeed in any career in life. 

‘MetaMore’ was born in Singapore out of a desire to be a one-stop-solution to all your English Language learning needs ! 



Our programmes are extensive and cover all aspects of language learning while catering to a wide array of pupils:

1. School students are provided academic assistance in order to excel in all aspects of the subject. Special classes are held to teach EFL/EAL courses to cater to the needs of each individual student.

2. Junior College and High School students are assisted with the nuances of English literature, develop a research aptitude, and write thoughtful research-based papers. 

3. Polytechnic students are given guidance to develop fluency in the language as well as learn the technical skills of Corporate Communication. 

4. Besides this, Young Adults and Professionals keen to improve their English language skills and become proficient speakers are helped with customised English language programmes, language games and other activities.

At ‘MetaMore’, we provide a comprehensive learning experience. We call ourselves 'MetaMore' because we believe in adding "More" to your “Metamorphosis”!

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At ‘MetaMore’, we provide a comprehensive learning experience. 

We call ourselves 'MetaMore' because we believe in adding "more" to your “metamorphosis”!