primary English in Singapore

In the growing terrain of contemporary academia, there is a high demand for educational platforms that can support and help the holistic development of students. Good educational platforms act as a good foundation for students and help them build strong academic backgrounds.   

MetaMore is an ideal companion for students aged 4 to 16 to enrich their command of the English language. MetaMore provides courses in primary English in Singapore along with secondary school and international schools, with a major focus on Phonics. Second language acquisition in both academics and real-life scenarios might be a bit challenging for the students. But MetaMore makes it easy by offering the best classes to master the language with ease. 

MetaMore’s Primary English in Singapore:

Primary schooling constitutes the base of the whole learning experience of the students. Therefore it is essential to strengthen primary English in Singapore through MetaMore’s advanced guidance. 

The primary English in Singapore at MetsMore has three courses for different levels,

  • Primary 3 & 4
  • Primary 5
  • Primary 6

Primary 3 & 4: Foundationally Strong

MetaMore’s primary English in Singapore’s classes for Primary 3 and 4 aims to create a strong foundation for the students in reading comprehension, Grammar, Vocabulary and Composition Writing. This will help them strengthen these key areas, as they are the basics of any language. 

The course also elaborately covers areas like,

  • Grammar

Students get to learn Grammar in-depth, along with understanding and practising each topic. 

  • Vocabulary

Expanding vocabulary, idioms and expressions and using words in appropriate situations. 

  • Reading-Comprehension

Students get to evaluate their comprehension level with their grasp of the meanings of different texts.

  • Composition Writing

Students gain a clear undesratnding in different areas of writing like paragraph, structure, content, etc.

  • Listening Comprehension and Oral Exam Practice

Different apsects of speaking like pronunciation, tone, etc. are perfected. This will help them become fluent speakers of language.

Primary 5: Aiming PSLE

Along with helping students master the language, the primary English in Singapore at MetaMore focuses on PSLE preparations. MetaMore guides students to score well in PSLE exams, giving importance to the following areas,

  • Grammar

Complex grammar areas are handled with exam-oriented question patterns

  • Vocabulary

Helps students expand their vocabulary and guiding them to use words in appropriate linguistic scenarios.

  • Reading and Visual Comprehension

Develops comprehension and analytical skills.

  • Composition Writing

With a better choice of words and expressions, students can excel in compositions.

  • Situational Writing

MetaMore offers classes on correct format, purpose, and writing style of situational writing.

  • Listening Comprehension and Oral Exam Practice

The oral exercises given by MetaMore help students enhance their speaking skills and build confident speakers.

Primary 6: Acing PSLE

After building a strong foundation in primary school, students are supposed to prove their knowledge in the Primary School Leaving Examination. MetaMore’s primary English in Singapore helps students ace this examination. 

They gives importance to both paper 1 and paper 2 from an examination point-of-view. 

  • Paper 1

In Paper 1, students get to master Composition Writing and Situational Writing. 

  • Paper 2

Covers every topic in the module including Grammar & Vocabulary questions, Cloze questions, Synthesis & Transformation, and Reading & Visual Comprehension

  • Listening Comprehension & Oral

This topic is important in every module. Regular practice helps students use language with ease and confidence. 

The primary English in Singapore at MetaMore is a perfect educational platform for students to acquire enriching classes in the subject. Their curriculum suits the MoE syllabus and empowers students with courses that will help them excel in primary school. 

MetaMore’s primary English in Singapore also helps students stay ahead of the curve in secondary schools.