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In today’s educational landscape, the demand for educational platforms that provide holistic development for students is continuously growing. These platforms are cornerstones for students, laying the foundation for strong academic achievement which will help them to have a brighter future. MetaMore is one such academy that offers comprehensive classes as best English tution in singapore for students aged 4 to 16.  

MetaMore provides courses in Phonics and is one of the best English tuition in Singapore for primary and secondary students. While learning a second language can be difficult in both the academic context and real-life context, Metamore makes the process easier by offering top-notch courses that are tailored to the linguistic competency of students.

MetaMore’s English classes focus mainly on,

  • Phonics
  • Primary and Secondary Schools
  • International School 

MetaMore’s Best English Tuition in Singapore

MetaMore offers guidance for students in primary, secondary, and international schools.

  • Primary Schools

The  best English tuition in Singapore offers classes for Primary Schools in 3 different levels, 

  1. Primary 3 & 4
  2. Primary 5
  3. Primary 6

Primary 3 & 4

The goal of Primary 3 and 4 classes of the best English tuition in Singapore is to give the students a solid foundation in grammar, vocabulary, reading comprehension, and composition writing. 

These foundational concepts of the language help students have a better grasp of the primary school syllabus.  

Primary 5

The Primary 5 English in Singapore at MetaMore focuses on PSLE preparation in addition to assisting children in mastering the language. With a focus on areas like Grammar, Vocabulary, Reading and Visual Comprehension, Composition Writing, Situational Writing, Listening Comprehension and Oral Exam Practice, MetaMore helps students do well on PSLE exams.

Primary 6

In the Primary School Leaving Examination, students are expected to demonstrate their knowledge after laying a solid basis in primary school. Children who take the best English tuition in Singapore MetaMore primary English will be capable of doing exceptionally well on this test. 

  • Secondary School 

MetaMore’s Secondary school tuition is further divided into,

  1. Secondary 1 & 2
  2. Secondary 3
  3. Secondary 4 

Secondary 1 & 2

A student’s academic path drastically shifts as they go from primary to secondary school. Given this, the goal of MetaMore’s best English tuition in Singapore offering top secondary English classes is to give pupils the greatest instruction possible to help them bridge the gap in learning standards between primary and secondary education. This course focuses on Reading/Comprehension & Summary Writing, Composition & Situational Writing, Visual Comprehension & Analyses, and Literature. 

Secondary 3

Preparing learners for the National O-level Exam is the objective of Secondary 3. MetaMore’s best English tuition in Singapore, the secondary 3 English course provides a comprehensive approach to tackling both paper 1 and paper 2. 

Secondary 4

Metamore’s secondary English classes emphasise O-level exam performance for students by focusing on several test topics. To guarantee a thorough preparation, the course focuses on key areas like reading comprehension, writing assignments, vocabulary, and editing questions. Students practise frequently to improve their logical reasoning, situational writing, and composition skills throughout the course.

  • International Schools

The International school classes of MetaMore offers 3 courses,

  1. Fundamentally Sound 
  2. Targeting IGCSE And IB MYP
  3. IGCSE/IB MYP Exam-Oriented Preparation 

Fundamentally Sound

The Fundamentals of language like Grammar, reading comprehension, Vocabulary Building, Literature, and Creative Writing are dealt with in this course

Targeting IGCSE and IB MYP

During the middle school years, as students transition to international standards through exams like IGCSE and IB MYP, the best English tuition in Singapore by MetaMore provides the necessary preparation for the Grade 10 examination. Focusing on basic language skills they offer students a kick start on their learning journey, ensuring they stay ahead in the competitive international education environment.

IGCSE/IBMYP Exam-Oriented Preparation:

MetaMore course exclusively focuses on the preparation of IGCSE and IBMYP from an examination point-of-view. 

The contemporary educational landscape emphasizes the need for comprehensive enrichment sessions, which set the stage for students to achieve academic success and a bright future. Metamore Academy exemplifies this by offering comprehensive English courses for students. With a focus on primary, secondary, and international schools Metamore stands still as the best English tuition in Singapore. 

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