Educational platforms are a relatively modern concept that assists students and operates parallel to academics. These platforms also work as a foundation for the academic journey of the students by empowering their skills. MetaMore is one such platform that offers exceptional guidance for students to learn and master English. 

MetaMore primarily stands out as an English academy, where expert tutors offer guidance for the students to become proficient in the language. But beyond basic language classes, MetaMore takes students to the world of English by meticulously covering everything from grammar to the depths of literature. Along with this, MetaMore is an ideal platform for students for IGCSE exam preparation in Singapore.

Best IGCSE Preparation in Singapore

MetaMore is indeed an ideal platform for children in their primary, secondary, and high schools to master English. MetaMore emphasis on reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills.

MetaMore also provides classes for IGCSE and IB MYP exams by guiding students from the right age. These courses are customized according to the class and age, in order to make the preparation easier.

MetaMore offers classes for IB MYP and IGCSE exam preparation in Singapore for students in 12 to 14 years and students in 14 to 16 years.

IGCSE For 12-14 years

Students take IGCSE IB MYP exams towards the end of their grade 10. Therefore to prepare them best for these, MetaMore offers classes for IGCSE exam preparation in Singapore exclusively for 12 to 14 years.

MetaMore covers the following topics for this course,

  • Grammar:
    MetaMore provides a complete grammar course that covers both written and spoken grammar. The course gives equal importance to regular practice and detailed lessons.
  • Vocabulary:
    For the IGCSE exam preparation in Singapore at MetaMore students get to expand their vocabulary by learning new words, phrases, usages, etc. consistently.
  • Reading and Comprehension:
    MetaMore helps students to improve their reading skills and comprehend what they read in texts.
  • Creative writing:
    Students at MetaMore get to enhance their writing skills through different writing tasks like descriptive writing, persuasive writing, letter writing, etc. 
  • Literature:
    MetaMore introduces different genres of literature to students to improve their understanding.

IGCSE For 14-16 years

MetaMore provides top-notch coaching for IGCSE exam preparation in Singapore to make the students completely ready, as these are years that have to be completely used for the IGCSE or IB MYP exams.  

During this phase, MetaMore presents an exam-oriented approach at an advanced level. The topics covered during this time are

  • Language:
    MetaMore encourages students to explore deeper meanings of the texts, use language creatively, identify figures of speech, analyze the content, etc. by making them understand the poems and passages.
  • Literature:
    Different works of literature belonging to the genres of novel, drama, and poetry are covered at MetaMore in order to prepare the students to answer analytical questions and make them familiar with the writing techniques.
  • Coursework :
    MetaMore prepares students for research and analysis through different assignments.
  • Exam-oriented practice:
    MetaMore aims to prepare students from an examination point of view by familiarising them with examination patterns. 

MetaMore adopts an effective approach to make students completely ready to face IGCSE exams. But MetaMore’s courses don’t just aim to help students prepare for IGCSE exam preparation in Singapore but also offer a holistic and comprehensive approach to make students proficient in every aspect of language.