secondary english in singapore

Holiday camps are exciting and at the same time, these are the perfect opportunities that encourage the kids to learn some creative and important lessons in a playful way. Besides, holiday camps are also one of the best places to learn new things independently, which can help the kids in developing their careers later. This is why kids love holiday camps.

What is an English enrichment program all about?

English enrichment classes mainly include the improvement, enhancement, or reinforcement of the English competency of a person. In this situation, the English enrichment programs don’t only improve the weak spots of the students when it comes to tackling the English language, but these also bolster and enhance the strengths of the students.

How important English enrichment programs can be for students?

  • It increases the self-understanding of the students: Most of the students fail to understand why they are bored with the studies. Here the English enrichment classes help the students by providing them with the necessary resources to become more engaged in the classes.
  • It increases their interest to learn  English:  The students often lose their passion and interest in learning when they become disengaged. Here the English engagement program becomes helpful for the students to spark their interest and engagement.
  • It improves their English skills: English enrichment classes teach the students the English study skills that include time management and test preparation. Moreover, these courses also promote self-directed learning skills among students.
  • It improves their pace of learning: The enrichment programs often include customized sessions. And therefore these programs allow the students to learn at their own pace to become motivated.