English Enrichment Classes for School Students


We offer enrichment programmes that:

 🌼  Hone your linguistic skills by teaching the nuances of English grammar; enriching vocabulary; expressing ideas in an organized manner through well-written pieces.

 🌼  Enhance pupils’ Public Speaking skills through a well-drafted curriculum that works on: Pronunciation, Diction, Intonation, Projection, Pacing, Eye Contact, Body Gestures etc.

 🌼  Help non-native speakers develop English language proficiency for better communication and expression through customised programmes.

English Enrichment Classes

The English Enrichment program at MetaMore Academy is designed to enhance linguistic skills, stimulate thinking, and enrich students’ knowledge-base in order to help them become more expressive: verbally as well as in writing. In the enrichment programme, the teacher works closely with the students giving them individual attention as well as helping them individually hone their English language skills. Best English Enrichment Centre Singapore, English Classes for Kids, Language Course

A unique feature that distinguishes MetaMore Academy is its one-point focus on English. The focused approach allows us to develop better enrichment programmes revolving around English language learning. It also allows us to develop a variety of Enrichment Programmes centred on English language learning and cater to a wide range of age-groups. Best English Enrichment Centre Singapore, English Classes for Kids, Language Course



English Enrichment Classes conducted in small groups

Year-long classes to enhance all aspects of language acquisition:


🌼 Reading, Writing, Listening, Speaking 

🌼 Interactive and engaging classes conducted in small age-appropriate groups 

🌼 Conceptual clarity followed by extensive practice and interactive group exercises 

🌼 Classes held once a week for two hours for each age group


Age Group: 9 - 11 Years (Upper Primary)

Age Group: 12 - 14 Years (Lower Secondary)

Age Group: 14-16 Years (Higher Secondary)

MetaMore Academy is one of the leading names in Singapore that offers specialized English enrichment programs. Our expertise, dedication and ability to customize programmes to suit each learner’s individual needs set us apart. 

These programs include improvement, enhancement, or reinforcement of the English competency of the students. The professional English enrichment class that we offer at this academy is dynamic, intensive, skills-based, and practical.

What makes MetaMore Academy different?


At MetaMore Academy, we are committed to creating a personalized learning environment for the school students through offering English course to help them to develop interest and eagerness for learning, to have a firm assurance of their worth, and also to develop values and desire to significantly contribute to both global and local communities.

The in-house proprietary curriculum designed by our institution aims to cultivate permanent love for the English language while focusing on the vital components of exams across different levels of students’ life like junior college, secondary, primary etc. And to do this, we always ensure that the environment of our academy is completely inclusive as well as different types of learning experiences are accessible to everyone.

At MetaMore Academy, we offer different types of targeted English enrichment programs like English enrichment class for Primary, English enrichment class for Secondary, English enrichment class for junior college that support the individual requirements of the students when learning English language. Our curriculum includes the development of English language skills, learning support and all aspects of learning the English language as part of our enrichment programs.

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