About Us

Kumud Manocha, Founder & CEO



Kumud is a research graduate in English Literature (M.Phil-English) from the prestigious University of Delhi, India and also certified by CELTA: a course designed and offered by the prestigious Cambridge University. She is a trained and very experienced teacher, having pursued Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.) from the Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University, India. Metamore is her brainchild and she has developed pedagogical strategies that help students develop linguistic fluency, grammatical accuracy, writing proficiency and gain insights into the vast world of English literature.

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Chua Lai Li, Head - Operations



Javon is educated in Singapore with distinctions in English Literature and Humanities. He has also pursued Diploma in AerospaceTechnology from Singapore Polytechnic. Javon has worked with various corporates in Singapore, including Rayndent Dental Supplies, Auditerpac, TCC Group and Waterwho Group in Business Development, Sales and Operational roles. Javon joined Metamore Academy to fulfil his passion for imparting education. He leads the Operations and Sales Department at Metamore Academy with his persistent and driven personality. 

Our Passionate Trainers

Ms Katrina


A very seasoned California and Singapore Based Trainer who graduated from San Francisco State University. She majored in English Linguistics and minored in Technical & Professional Writing. She is a creative and experienced Orator who is passionate about imparting Public Speaking skills to motivated individuals. An expert in the area of English Pronunciation and Enunciation, she has acquired more than 10 years of experience coaching Elementary, primary and young teenage students both in the States and Singapore. 


  • Headed various Speech and Drama Clubs in various High Schools in the US 
  • Hosted and Starred in the 2016 Documentary Reality Series by Fox Channel
  • Executive Producer of various TV Series broadcasted on Fox Channel


  • Tyndale Education Group (TEG)
  • HOD in Business English and Marketing. This particular Department prepares University students heading to prestigious Universities in the UK and Australia. 
  • A Grader/Learning Point 
  • HOD in English Curriculum


Mr Gabriel


A former US-Based trainer with a strong background in Educational Psychology. Mr Gabriel’s specialty in Psychology, specifically Child and Adolescent Development has enabled him to engage and understand the full potential of each kid. His Teaching Philosophy is a mixture of Critical Thinking and Execution. He believes by opening students’ minds and allowing them to understand the world around them, they will be self-motivated to strive in every aspect of life. 


  • Adjunct instructor for Dale Carnegie Public Speaking Training Programme
  • Member of the American Psychological Association Division 15 (Educational Psychology)
  • PhD in Educational Psychology, Capella University, United States
  • Master’s Degree in Psychology (Behavioral Health) at University of Phoenix, United States 


  • Dale Carnegie Public Speaking Mastery Course (US) Trainer 2008-2010
  • ITT Technical Institute, Instructor for Conversational English 

Ms Sha


An experienced Public Speaker with a variety of interests in speech topics. Ms Sha is a strong believer that a strong speech content will make a Good Public speaker a Great Public Speaker. During her student days, she has been invited to speak on panels and conferences that discuss social issues and state affairs. These realistic experiences will definitely help your child in cultivating great spontaneity in their impromptu speeches. 


  • Main Panelist for NUS Dialogue Seminars, NUS Diversity Week (2016)
  • Opinion Guest for Multiple Discussion Forum Podcasts, New Naratif and BBC World – Have Your Say


  • Icon Ambassador, National University of Singapore (2016) 
  • International Undergraduate Forum 2015. Main Speaker / Opinion Leader

Mr Joshua


Theatre and Speech & Drama trained individual, who has dedicated his time to two of his greatest passions: Communications and Interactive Learning. Being involved in many theatre and Broadway Productions, he believes in building and maintaining strong foundation for optimum improvement. He believes in creating a space that has blend of fun and discipline as it is the most conducive environment for self-expression and individualistic growth.


  • Grade 8 (Distinction) Speech & Drama, Trinity College London (2016)
  • Various SYF distinction award Drama Coach (2014, 1015, 2016)
  • Best Speaker Award, Inter varsities debate competition (2012)
  • Best Speaker in the Strategist II organized by Exquisite Magazine (2012)


  • National University of Singapore Consultant to the Theatre Studies Programme
  • Lasalle College of Arts Participant in various Theatre Productions