Our Approach to Teaching English


English is a language of global significance. Being proficient in English gives one an advantage over others, and helps in reaching out far and wide. Our English Enrichment Programmes aim at laying down a strong foundation for life-long expertise in English language, communication and writing. There are four essential components of successful language acquisition: Reading, Listening, Speaking and Writing. For a student of the subject, learning them all can be an overwhelming experience. Yet, it’s imperative that the language is learned and appreciated in its totality. 

Reading & Comprehension


We emphasise upon extensive reading in order to enrich our minds, enhance our vocabulary as well as passively acquire linguistic skills. Often, a well-written text shows us the way to improve our own writing skills. A linguistically rich text helps us enhance our repertoire of words. Moreover, thoughtfully written texts on relevant issues inspire us to think and develop opinions, thus nurturing the essential 21st century skills. Our Reading texts offer a variety of prose, verse and visual materials that are followed by compelling questions based on the reading and comprehension of the text.  



It’s imperative to have an inexhaustive lexicon in order to write clearly, coherently and impressively. New words shall be regularly introduced in the class through reading/writing exercises as well as specific vocabulary exercises. A thorough explanation of the lexical forms (noun/verb/adjective/adverb) along with their collocations, particular prefixes/suffixes, synonyms/antonyms etcetera shall be discussed so that the students can correctly use the new lexis learnt in their everyday as well as academic usage.

Phonetics & Fluency


It’s important to pronounce the English syllables correctly and communicate effectively. An english language class requires students and teachers to interact extensively. It provides an ideal platform for the students to acquire correct pronunciation and develop fluency as they go about reading, listening and interacting with the teacher and their peer group. Classes held in smaller groups give students ample opportunities to partake in communicative activities while being individually supervised. Classroom activities such as: discussions, debates, brain storming, role-play etcetera help develop fluency and gain confidence.  



Grammar is the ‘building block’ of any language. Being accurate at English grammar provides the necessary foundation for efficient English language usage, both written as well as oral. We do believe in giving our students a thorough insight into the vast world of English grammar and syntax. All the grammar topics are explained in necessary detail followed by extensive practice that lends proficiency while using English in our everyday life. 

Writing Skills


The most pertinent reason for learning any language is ‘self-expression’. However, lack of confidence in one’s own ability to write well often proves a hinderance on the road to self-expression. One develops the skills to write well by reading well-written texts that also tickle our imagination and help shape our opinion. After all, unless we have opinions and ideas to share, what do we write about? A sound vocabulary allows us to express ourselves appropriately and coherently. Being well-versed with grammatical nuances helps us write correctly. Honing writing skills is an essential aspect of our English Enrichment programme. Composing essays, articles, letters, e-mails, applications, short stories, reports, speeches, descriptive accounts etcetera is an integral component of English language learned and practised. 

 The methodically drafted English Enrichment Programmes provide a holistic nurturing of all the four essential English language skills: Reading, Listening, Speaking and Writing. Linguistic proficiency develops with practising the varied components of language as they gel together like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle to make a linguistic ‘whole’. Through our carefully planned classes and meticulously drafted study material, we’ve attempted to make the study of English language an interesting, enriching and inspiring experience for our students.

 At ‘Metamore’, we provide a comprehensive learning experience. We call ourselves 'Metamore' because we believe in adding "more" to your “metamorphosis”!  

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