Competitive Exam Preparation like IELTS, SAT, TOEFL, PTE

Competitive examinations are designed to measure the ability of the candidates to use the English language in the academic and professional environment. These exams are mainly used for the applications in school/college/ university and also for immigration to various English speaking countries such as UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand. And in these exams, typically four skills of the candidates are tested, namely speaking, writing, reading and listening. Qualifying the IELTS exam is necessary for the students, who want to enter any British University as this exam is the key to access the ability in the English language in the UK. Besides, qualifying this exam is also important for the students, who like to show a good knowledge of English for career and job purposes.

But before appearing for the IELTS exam, the candidates have to prepare for this exam. And a good IELTS training institute like MetaMore Academy can help them in it. Our Programme is designed to improve your English Language skills. During the course you will practise and improve your Speaking, Listening, Reading and Writing skills using IELTS course materials and practice tests under the close guidance of competent and experienced IELTS trainers.


The role that MetaMore Academy plays:

At MetaMore Academy, we offer a professional level IELTS preparation course led by dedicated, qualified, and carefully selected tutors, who customize the syllabus and lessons as per the needs of the learners ensuring that they improve their skills quite easily. As the IELTS exam is divided into four sections, therefore the IELTS exam preparation course that we offer also covers all these four sections with wide-ranging exam practice.

The program outline that we offer at our training academy includes vocabulary, grammar, topical communication skills, and pronunciation. Apart from that, we also guide the participants through the IELTS practice test and past exam paper practice.

Along with improving the competence of the participants in English and important tactics of the IELTS exam, we also train them on the necessary learning strategies and academic skills that would help them later in higher education.



A unique feature that distinguishes MetaMore Academy is its one-point focus on English. The focused approach allows us to develop better programmes for competitive examinations revolving around English language learning. We offer enrichment programmes for preparation for prestigious examinations such as IELTS, SAT, TOEFL, PTE necessary for students to pursue tertiary education as well as adults looking for migratory opportunities to countries such as UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand etcetera.

How MetaMore Academy can guide you?


Helping to improve the key English skills: The IELTS exam preparation course that we offer aims to develop the academic writing and reading skills of the participants.


Helping the participants to gain practical experience: This course enhances the practical presentation skills of the participants with special importance in fluency and spoken accuracy to help them excel in IELTS.


Flexible timing: This course is offered at flexible timings to match other schedules of the participants.

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