Business English Program


Our Unique and Practical Business English Program:

 A unique feature that distinguishes MetaMore Academy is its one-point focus on English. The focused approach allows us to develop strong learning of the English language in business and working environment. We offer enrichment programmes for adult learners who face an extremely challenging professional environment can benefit from a customized Business English and Corporate Communication programme and training classes. 

Our training programme is focused on English Language, Fluency, Business English and Corporate Communication. Simulating real-life situations for practice & confidence building.

🌼 A customised curriculum for budding and working professionals

🌼 Conceptual clarity and intensive written and verbal practice

🌼 All study and practice material provided by the Teacher 


Whether you need to get trained in the English language for your career or to build up your professional life in business and looking for an institute where highly motivated professionals would guide you, then MetaMore Academy will be the best place to choose. We are very confident you that the course will help you become a confident speaker and an expressive writer. In the competitive professional and business world, it'll aid you in facing job interviews, conducting meetings, handling clients, making presentations, writing applications, e-mails and other official documents. 

A comprehensive course that will change the way the world perceives you!

So, whatever be your objective you to learn good English language and communication skills at a professional level, we can convert your dream into reality. Whether you want to join the Business English programme in Singapore for living and working abroad, for career progression or just for mastering a new skill, the highly qualified trainers will guide you thoroughly to progress.

What makes us different?


Every trainer in our academy is highly experienced and these experts are well aware of the fact that every participant has some different needs when it comes to getting training. Therefore, the English language programme in Singapore for Business that we offer at MetaMore Academy is flexible to reflect the requirements of the participants.


Irrespective of the experience level of the native language of the participants, at MetaMore Academy, we have a very focused objective, which is to offer the participants the confidence building and skills to speak, read and write English language effectively in different situations in business, corporate and professional life. Therefore, after completion of this programme and all classes, you will be ready to take on your professional and business challenges in a very confident manner whichever profession you are in and across different parts of the world.



We don’t just teach Business English to our students but also help them develop the overall personality and their skills and command in English language to communicate in different situations and while interacting in any business environment, be it interviews, business meetings, delivering a speech or a lecture, conducting board meetings, writing professional memos etc through out intense classes.

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